Deliverance from the spirit of jealousy

Broken chain

Broken chain

During a 15 mins breaks between the class in internship, several couple of eyes was pointed to a girl intern that was crying because of pain inside of her chest or around the rip. I heard few other girls asked her but because of pain she couldn’t answer. So it was very painful. Knowing that Chris, Jason (my internship leaders) and I (assistant) went and see how we can help her. So what we did first is to pray for her, got her in the middle of the room and have everyone laid hands on her and speak healing, blessing and fight against the sickness for her. She felt a bit better.

During that time Chris was also trying to contact some people for helps either from Healing Home Staff (a ministry of New Life Fellowship) or getting some checks from the clinic. So in the afternoon we decided to have her get her blood pressure checked (because she said she used to have a low-blood pressure).Even though she get prayed and blood pressure checked (blood pressure showed that she got a low blood pressure)…

After reading her sms that pumped to the screen of my phone that said “Please pray for me now I’m really weak and need strength and healing” Well, that made me very worried and so what I have to do is to pray for her. Even though I got a call from Chris that he and his wife will bring her to get a health check from the doctor by that time but I still feel strange in my spirit, I though “That’s weird… I don’t think that’s a normal sickness, if that’s a normal sickness we still overcome it” but pain that she had keep getting up and worse for a few days. Now a friendly, laughing, smiling girls became a sad girl because of pain.

Until Tuesday morning (which was yesterday) while we’re having a normal devotion in internship, she bowed her head down and dropped her tear because of the pain, well I really feel sad to see that but Chris, Jason, I and other interns decided to prayed blessings over her. So we asked her to sit on a chair in the middle of the room and have everyone pray for her. We prayed for blessings, healing, strengths and much more but we also pray for deliverance from the evil spirit as well.

After a few minutes of prayer that lead by Chris while some others prayed in tongue, speak the blessings to her, he turned and asked me “Do you feel anything?” (That’s how we pray for the people as a team, we also keep opening our spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear from the Holy Spirit as well” And well, I didn’t feel anything to be honest, but we keep praying.

This time he asked me to lead prayer. So I remember after praying for her for a few minutes, we stopped and asked her “How do you feel now?” She responded “I feel more pain”. Well, even though she feel more pain but we know while we’re praying, God is doing something through our prayer. So we keep praying for her for another few minutes. Then I asked her again and she said “I feel now pain comes to the stomach”.  So we know now there’s something behind the pain that’s moving in side of her. Then Chris took turn in leading prayer and after a few minutes, he asked her “Do you have anything that affected you or you heart for the last few days?” She responded “One day that I feel discouraged, because of my elder sister got blessing from our relatives for what she did but I did the same thing or more than her but I got nothing from them, I was jealous with her”. We know that she’s not a greedy girl, she loves to help her friends and such a mature Christian who loves God and love His people but there’s a little affect that cause a big problem. Immediately when hearing her story, I start to feel that she was attacked by the spirit of jealousy. So Chris lead her for repentance and asking for forgiveness from God, also rebuking the spirit of jealousy and speak the blessing over herself. Then we start to pray for her again. We pray, pray, pray with our hands laid on her, our eyes opened to see if there’s any changes or actions from her (that help us to know whether it’s the touch by the Holy Spirit or manifestation by any evil spirit). While some other interns speak in tongue, worship God, making the atmosphere of  the presence and anointing of God with some worship music, we keep rebuking and casting the spirit of jealousy.

Then after one hour of prayer time, we asked her how’s she feel again. She said “I feel about to vomit but I couldn’t”. She then we prayed for her again and again, rebuking the evil spirit and the spirit of jealousy. After several minutes,  she vomit for a few minutes while we’re praying for her. We know the spirit was cast out of her. After we knew that the spirit left her. Then we pray for God’s peace and blessing, and invited the Holy Spirit to come and fill that space (Read Matt 12:43-45). Then we asked her how does she feel. She said with smile “I have no pain!” Praise God for this freedom!


Now while I’m writing this blog post, she is practicing her guitar lesson in front of the class room and, praise God! She now is a friendly, laughing and smiling intern girl again! Praise God for freedom, and thanks God for this freedom!


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